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Second Consecutive Year Winners Benijofar´s Tapa Route

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Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Ever since the day Plaza Diferente was launched, it has made a name for its diverse cuisine. Within a year of its inauguration, it has become the ultimate food place for Alicante.

Week Specials

F1. Choclat€ 1,75
F2. Jam€ 1,75
F3. Croissant € 1,75
with butter and jam
F4. Croissant with cheese€ 1,75
Our special menu was made for all tastes
C1. Beer small€ 1,75
11 ounces most tender cut of lean, midwestern beef.
C2. Beer large€ 2,75
C3. Tinto de verano€ 1,75
C4. Wine € 1,75
(red, white and rosé)


H1. Italiano € 4,95

(mozarella, tomato and pesto)

H2. Thai € 4,50

(chicken, lettuce and chili sauce)

H3. Hawaiian € 4,50

(ham, cheese and pineapple)

H4. Spanish € 4,50

(goat cheese, pinenuts and honey)

H5. Vegan€ 4,50

(cheese, mushrooms, tomato and onion)

H6. Omelette € 4,50

(with bacon)


T5. Cheese € 4,95


T6. Mini spring € 4,95

(6 pieces)

T7. Mini cheese snacks € 4,95

(8 pieces)

T8. Spicy chicken wings€ 3,95

chicken wings

T9. Oriental chicken bites€ 3,95

chicken bites

T11. Camembert bites€ 3,95

Camembert bites



E1. Coffee with apple pie€ 2,95
E2. Coffee with cake off the day€ 2,95
E4. Coffee with cake and whipped cream€ 2,50
E14. Sausage roll€ 1,75
E15. Fricandel roll spicy€ 1,75
E16. Cheese roll€ 1,75
E17. Apple turnover€ 1,75
E20. Hot appel pie with vanilla ice cream€ 3,25

A wide variety of bread, meats, cheeses and our extra virgin olive oil.

Slice Meat


  • boeren donker
  • boeren volkoren
  • boeren wit
  • haver brood
  • spelt brood
  • tijger brood
  • volkoren brood
  • wit brood
  • ober lander
  • pompoenpitten brood
  • woud brood
  • zes granen brood

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Jong
  • Belegen
  • Extra Belegen
  • Oud Zwart
  • Oud Brokkel
  • Jonge Leidse
  • Oud Leidse
  • 30+ Jong
  • 30+ Belegen
  • 30+ Oud
  • Karseloos Leidse
  • Jong Geit
  • Oud Geit
  • Rookkaas

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